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The Grand Overseas Club Pvt. Ltd (GOC) was registered with the Government of Pakistan (Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan) with the vision to provide guidance, support and facilitation to Overseas Pakistanis. Ch. Mohammad Sarwar former Governor Punjab is the Chairman of GOC and Syed Javed Iqbal Bokhari a retired civil servant and former Secretary to Government of Punjab is the Chief Executive Officer of GOC. There is a dedicated team of experienced and competent staff which is available to serve the Overseas Pakistanis 24/7. The vision of GOC is to create an environment of security, prosperity and sustainability for Overseas Pakistanis. In this regard an Advisory Council of GOC has also been set up which comprises of superior court judges, senior bureaucrats, police officers and senior lawyers to help and guide the process of resolution of the issues of Overseas Pakistanis. This Council also acts as a Think Tank of GOC. The GOC is the vision and initiative of Ch. Mohammad Sarwar former Governor Punjab, who desires that the GOC may provide services and assistance to Overseas Pakistanis on their all issues which include strategic planning, reforms, corporate issues, litigation and court matters, real estate issues, investment opportunities, ease of doing business and redressal of their grievances. The office bearers of GOC will be appointed in more than 70 countries of the world where Pakistanis are residing. These office bearers will play an active role in their respective countries to receive and process the complaints of Overseas Pakistanis and thereafter send them to main Secretariat of GOC in Pakistan for their early resolution.

After completion of the process of nominations of the office bearers of GOC in seventy (70) countries, road shows will be planned in these countries for the awareness of Overseas Pakistanis. It is also worth-mentioning that District Legal Committees have also been set-up in all 36 districts of Punjab and in Islamabad for resolving issues of Overseas Pakistanis in their respective districts. The Overseas Pakistanis can access to GOC organization via Website, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You-Tube. The online Membership Form is also available on the Website of GOC which can be completed and sent to GOC. For the first year w.e.f. 1st July 2022 the GOC is offering free membership to all Overseas Pakistanis for one year. The membership of GOC is non-transferable and consultancy / facilitation services will only be available to all those Pakistanis who are member of GOC. The working of GOC is governed under Companies Act, 2017 and instructions issued by SECP Government of Pakistan from time to time.