About Us

Our Vision

Creating an environment of security, prosperity and sustainability for Overseas Pakistanis.

Our Mission

Providing services and support to the Overseas Pakistanis residing across the globe regarding their multitude needs ranging from strategic planning, reforms, corporate solutions, litigation and court matters, real estate issues, investment opportunities, ease of doing business and complaints redressal.


The Grand Overseas Club Pvt with its Head Office in Lahore Pakistan will offer one window operation to facilitate Overseas Pakistanis and address their grievances. It is an apolitical organization that aims at resolving the Overseas Pakistanis’ issues. Overseas Pakistanis are the biggest asset of the nation. The GOCP will have chapters in more than 60 countries around the world through which we will try to get timely justice for Overseas Pakistanis.

The GOCP will also provide multiple facilities to Overseas Pakistanis. Overseas Pakistanis send more remittances than the IMF or any international lender/donor. There is no doubt that getting rid of the burden of the national debt is possible only with the foreign exchange of Overseas Pakistanis. With the association of the club members, the Grand Overseas Club Pvt will resolve the expat issue. The GOCP will act as a bridge between the Overseas Pakistani community and government institutions in Pakistan.


Strategic Planning, Litigation matters, Real Estate consultancy, Ease of doing business, Prospective investment opportunities, Educational services, Bridging gap between Overseas Pakistanis and Government agencies. Data acquisition under RTI Act, Approaching concerned Government agencies for expeditious disposal of complaints of Overseas Pakistanis,  Organizing learning interventions, workshops and seminars, Tourism promotion through TDCP, Making relation with research institutions and societies for building educational capacity, Attracting Overseas Pakistanis for business ventures in Pakistan.

Organizational Chart Of Club

Boards Of Directors

Ch Mohammad Sarwar

Chairman & Board Member

Syed Javed Iqbal Bokhari

CEO & Board Member

Chaudhry Zulifqar

Board Member

Sheikh Naeem Jameel

Board Member

Advisory Board Of GOCP

Sardar Shamim Ahmad Khan

Former Chief Justice Lahore High Court Lahore

Capt (Retd) Fazeel Asghar

Retired Bureaucrat

Mr. Shaukat Javaid

Retired IG Punjab

Dr.Amjad Saqib


Dr.Niaz Ahmed

Educationist Vice Chancellor

Chaudhry Hafeez ur Rehman

Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan

Mr. Sohail Warraich

Journalist / Anchor / Columnist

Chapters of GOCP


  • Mr. Malik Munir Awan  (President)
  • Mr. Jaffer Hussain (Senior Vice President)
  • Mr. Niaz Ali Jadreon (Vice President)
  • Mr. Yasir Siddique (General Secretary) 
  • Usman Al Altaf  (President)
  • Mr. Haji Zaman Khan  (President)
  • Shahid Hussain  (President)

Dubai Executive Council Member

  • Mr. Majeed Mughal (President)
  • Mr. Afzal (Senior Vice President)
  • Mr. Ghulam Abbas Bahtti (President)
  • Mr. Sajjad Abbassi (President)
  • Mr. Khalil Buneri (President) 
  • Mr. Raja Khalid (President)


  • Mr. Riaz Muhammad (President)
  • Mr. Syed Nasir Jaffri (Senior Vice President)
  • Mr. Usman Hameed (Vice President)
  • Mr. Muhammad Fiaz Ali Raza (General Secretary)
  • Mr. Mustafa Ali Baig (Additional Secretary)
  • Mr. Imran Sarwar (Finance Secretary)
  • Miss Shabana Niaz (Information Secretary) 
  • Mr. Usman Hameed (Vice President) 


UK Body:

  • Mr. Ch Mohammed Nawaz  (President)
  • Muhammed Asif (Senior Vice President)
  • Ch Liaqat Ali MBE (Vise President)
  • Pamila Malik (General Secretary) 
  • Ruby Malik (Creative Director UK & GOC)
  • Saniya Qureshi (Investment Strategies UK)

UK Legal Council:

  • Barrister Umer Ali (President)
  • Barrister Mohammed Islam Khan (Senior Vice President)
  • Altaf Mohammed Solicitor (Vice President)
  • Barrister Saqib Mohammed (Vice President)
  • Mr. Mohammed Shehzad Khan  (President)
  • Mr. Ejaz Khan (Senior Vice President)
  • Mr. Ijaz Ahmed (Vice President)
  • Mr. Sardar Javaid (Vice President) 
  • Ruby Malik (General Secretary)
  • Mr. Yasir (Additional G Secretary)
  • Mr. Sarfaraz Khan (Finance Secretary)
  • Mr. Waseem (Information Secretary)

London Executive Council Members

  • Shaukat Ali
  • Liaqat Ali
  • Shahzada Hayat

North West

  • Mr. Ch Rizwan Naseer (President)
  • Mr. Ch Altaf (Senior Vice President)
  • Mr. Raja Adil (Vice President)
  • Mr. Barrister Habit ullah Ranjha (Vice President)
  • Mr. Musadak Ahmed (General Secretary)
  • Mr. Khawaja Sualeh (Additional G Secretary) 
  • Mr. Shahid Khokhar (Information Secretary)
  • Mr.Rasib Khan (Finance Secretary)


  • Mr. Ch Rizwan Naseer (President)
  • Mr. Ch Altaf (Senior Vice President)
  • Mr. Raja Adil (Vice President)
  • Mr. Barrister Habit ullah Ranjha (Vice President)
  • Mr. Musadak Ahmed (General Secretary)
  • Mr. Khawaja Sualeh (Additional Secretary) 
  • Mr. Shahid Khokhar (Information Secretary)
  • Mr.Rasib Khan (Finance Secretary)


  • Mr. Ch Sikandar Nawaz (President)
  • Mr. Ismail (Senior Vice President)
  • Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Ch (Vice President)
  • Mr. Ch Tariq Mehmood (Vice President)
  • Mr. Mazhar Chaudhry (General Secretary)
  • Mr. Malik Abrar Hussain (Additional G Secretary)
  • Mr. Tahir Sultan (Finance Secretary) 
  • Mr. Muzaffar Sulehri (Information Secretary)
  • Sohail Munawar (President)
  • M Sharif (General Secretary)
  • Mobin Rafique (Additional G Secretary)
  • Zaff Ajaib (Finance Secretary)


  • Mian Aftab (President)


  • Waseem Khawaja (President)


  • Mian Mobeen Akhtar (President)


  • Hafeez Khan (President)


  • Mr. Muhammad Ahmed (Vice President)